The Company

Derivats del Cartró Ser.Graf, S.L. began its career in 1995 as a cooperative company providing graphic services.

Derivats del Cartró Ser.Graf, S.L.: cooperative company providing graphic services since 1995.

Derivats del Cartró was born in Anoia region, Barcelona. It is a region with a centuries-old paper industry, where a powerful graphic design and packaging sector has now flourished. A large number of cutting-edge and internationally known graphic companies have been set up here.

Packaging and its design offers a surprising array of new ways of presenting products, in which the use of packaging windows is a key aspect. This makes the manufacturing of packages an increasingly complex task. Derivats del Cartró was conceived as a way to meet this need of the packaging industry, becoming part of the packaging supply chain of the graphic industry’s leading companies.

Derivats del Cartró offers its clients the solution to one of the steps in the packaging supply chain which requires machinery and a specific know-how: the arrangement of packaging windows.

In DerCar we deal exclusively with the arrangement of windows in packages, so our clients can rest assured that the ultimate technology and an experienced workforce are at hand –ready to adapt to your needs and to offer solutions.

Derivats del Cartró offers a fast service in manufacturing all kinds of windows for packaging. We are committed to satisfying our clients with a top-quality product and speedy deliveries. Our main concern is the client and our team is in place to handle your needs, provide advice and get the process going.