Kinds of Packaging Windows

We adapt to the design of your packaging.

Arranging windows in cardboard boxes covers all kinds of packages: windows in liquor cases, windows in gift boxes, windows in napkin boxes, windows in cosmetic cases, windows in toy boxes, windows in handkerchief boxes, etc. They can be generally divided into:

Packaging with Normal Windows
Packaging with Die-Cut Windows
Windows in Handkerchief Boxes
Windows with Print Registration

Window in handkerchief boxesWindows in handkerchief boxes are special, given that the window serves a functional use which allows the user to remove a handkerchief.
It is a window that, together with the package, is present during the entire life-cycle of the product.

Materials in packaging windows

Packages with windows: the reveal and protect

The use of windows in designing packaging is one of the basic tools for establishing a direct communication between product and client, avoiding the risk of the security chain being broken when opening the product in the retail outlet.

The materials in use in packaging windows guarantee this protection and maintain the quality of the packaged product. Depending on the needs of the product and its packaging design, we employ the most suitable material for its windows:

Packaging with PVC windows
Packaging with PET windows
Packaging with Polypropylene windows
Packaging with Acetate windows
Packaging with Paper windows
Packaging with PLA windows